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About Supertemps

Supertemps, North Wales' longest-established recruitment agency, has been supplying first class personnel in North Wales and beyond since 1980. Today our business is growing, evolving and advancing geographically.

As an organisation we remain family owned and run. That family, however, is expanding. Over recent years we have made a conscious decision to recruit into our organisation only top performers who are leaders in their field. Our people have great ideas which we develop and implement in our everyday business. This creates a culture of personal ownership within our company and provides a passionate and dynamic working environment. In short - we all truly love what we do and it shows in our service.

We've made massive investment in new technology - the latest, in fact. We now run all encapsulating web based recruitment software which is great news all round. Whether we are managing a recruitment campaign in the north of Scotland or the south of England, our consultants have 24 hour remote access to our systems. We can work from anywhere (and we do).

Supertemps Specialist Recruitment

Our new division Supertemps Specialist Recruitment is our latest response to client demands. This Specialist Recruitment division focuses on executive, specialist and professional permanent and contract jobs in North Wales and beyond. Engineering jobs, IT Jobs, Finance jobs and Professional jobs are all covered under this remit.

Through all the developments and growth in our company we have not lost sight of our foundations. We believe that the devil really is in the detail and that you should sweat the small stuff. For us it's all about establishing long-term relationships, not short-term focus. This, we believe, is a core strength of our company.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to sharing with you our expertise and knowledge of recruitment, and the best job opportunities, in North Wales and beyond.

Sarah Ellwood

Warmest wishes

Sarah Ellwood
Managing Director

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Supertemps Specialist Recruitment