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12/17/2014 9:11:40 PM

Plymouth: the home of Britain’s happiest workers?

Ask most people to imagine the ‘happiest town in Britain’ and they generally think of one of the idyllic, sleepy villages that feature in an episode of Midsomer Murders, complete with cream teas and an accomplished cricket team. However, genuine happiness in life is measured in more than a pretty view and a charming programme of summer entertainment.

We spend, on average, ten to fifteen years of our waking life in our places of work, so our careers are a really significant part of our lives. How satisfied you are in your career can really affect how happy you are in general.

Conference Genie conducted a survey of workers across Britain to determine how happy we are. Some of the factors assessed included: general job satisfaction, salary, quality of work-life balance and location of work.

They generated assessment criteria that required participants to submit a score out of ten to reveal their satisfaction in current careers.

The good, the bad and the unhappy

Plymouth is home to the happiest workers in Britain, with a satisfaction level of 7.25/10

. . . closely followed by Leeds. People in Leeds gave an average score of 6.67/10

Coventry has some of the unhappiest workers in the UK, who, on average, rated their job satisfaction level at just 4.16/10.

However, Aberystwyth is home to workers with the lowest opinion of their job experience, rating it at just 3.42/10.

So, Plymouth . . . what’s your secret?

92% of the respondents to the survey living in Plymouth claimed they manage to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and 54% professed to work a flexible schedule.

This contradicts the fears of many employers, worried that a flexible schedule leads to employees feeling ‘out-of-touch’ with the team - most of the Plymouth respondents listed fellow workers as one of the reasons for job satisfaction.

Women were generally more satisfied in their jobs than men, and whilst women valued their colleagues the highest, men valued their salaries.

The happiest age range was the 25-34 year olds.

The survey did not reveal whether it’s the city of Plymouth that makes residents so happy, or their jobs, but there does appear to be a trend in the working lives of Plymothians that employers in other regions should perhaps consider in order to maintain a happier staff.Clearly, an attractive salary is not solely going to ensure the satisfaction of employees. It is definitely important, but flexible working, a healthy work-life balance and a strong team are all crucial aspects to the overall happiness of an individual’s career.

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