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11/19/2014 12:37:23 PM

UK workers amongst happiest in Europe

‘UK workers amongst happiest in Europe’, new research reveals.

According to a new report published by recruitment firm, Randstad, nearly 70% of the UK’s workforce are ‘satisfied’ with their current employment. Not only is the figure at its highest in eighteen months but, significantly, it is also higher than satisfaction levels in many other European countries.

Randstad surveyed tens of thousands of workers across Europe and concluded that those working in the UK were more satisfied than workers living in other countries, including France and Italy. Only Germany pipped the Brits to the post with German workers, on average, even more satisfied than those in the UK.

Randstad’s chief executive, Mark Bull, explained: “The huge improvements in professional fulfilment levels in the UK has seen Britain overtake a number of its peers in terms of job satisfaction.”

Randstad’s report revealed that, in the UK, London was perceived to be the most rewarding city to work in. 34% of those surveyed responded that they would achieve the highest level of job satisfaction in the Nation’s capital. Manchester also ranked in the top five preferred cities to work in with a 7% job satisfaction rate, after Brighton (11%) and Edinburgh (8%).

Manchester, often called the Capital of the North, is currently cultivating a reputation as city to rival even London. 56% of Mancunians believed the North West was the most fulfilling place to work in the country. 31% of those interviewed responded that the primary reasons for this were a better pace of life and better opportunities for promotion (23%).

Managing Director of Randstad Care, Victoria Short, said: “Big initiatives such as the BBC relocating their studios to Salford, have helped nurture the image of Manchester as an alternative career path to vie against the centrifugal pull towards London. While the capital lures people in with the promise higher salaries, these have to contend with a higher cost of living and tougher competition for vacancies. But in the North West, more palatable housing costs help make Manchester the smart financial choice.”

She added: “Residential and commercial schemes around key stations such as Manchester Piccadilly are set to generate £1 billion a year until the project is completed; creating around 40,000 new jobs. Already boasting a larger economy than Wales or Northern Ireland, these new transport links will ultimately help to cement Manchester as Britain’s second city – and even die-hard Londoners are recognising that it could offer some of the most exciting employment prospects,”.

However, Mancunians were also the most disillusioned workers in the UK. Of those surveyed, 16% described their employment as ‘very unfulfilling’. Newcastle followed closely behind, with 12% or respondents feeling unmotivated by their work. Just 11% of Mancunian employees said they had achieved their career aspirations, compared to a quarter of Londoners.

The Randstad report attributed satisfaction levels at work to a number of factors, including pay, job security and the prospect of progression. It also found confidence in the jobs market increased the confidence of unhappy workers to do something about their future. Many respondents said they now felt confident enough to leave positions they were unhappy in to pursue roles better suited to them or that would provide a higher level of job satisfaction.

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