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8/14/2020 9:17:37 AM

Why it's more important to use a recruiter now than ever before

Given everything currently happening in the world, does it seem like overkill to employ a recruiter to help find the perfect candidate for your open position? Well, yes and no. Both employers and prospective employees are becoming more savvy when it comes to recruitment, with LinkedIn and Glassdoor becoming increasingly more useful tools. 

However, according to the ONS, there are currently 326,000 vacancies for work in the UK and that number is steadily rising. With that sort of competition plus an influx of people looking for work, we understand you want to attract the right candidate and stand out with your professional and compassionate approach to hiring. 

Research shows that the highest quality candidates are almost always sourced from either a targeted headhunting campaign or by contacting someone you or a colleague has in mind. They might be a great fit but not necessarily looking for work or they may not be active in the market, but want to remain in the loop. If they’re not looking for work, they’re not desperate for a role and so making a move is likely to mean a considerable investment in the company on their part - especially now when there is so much uncertainty around job security and future business prospects. 

Emerging from Lockdown, you understand that the stark reality for many people now means they’re willing to try their hand at anything; however, it’s just not a good use of yours or your HR team's time to filter through a handful of potential interviewees in a pool of hundreds, maybe thousands. By just posting a vacancy out in the ether, you might get lots of applicants, but quality is key, not quantity. That’s what Supertemps can provide.

Right now, isn’t your company’s time better spent elsewhere? 

Our experienced and highly-qualified recruitment consultants ensure that the hiring process is optimised for both you and prospective candidates. We put the time in to ask and answer questions on both sides; we provide coaching, such as 1-2-1 interview preparation sessions; we support potential employees emotionally; and we conduct comprehensive vacancy promotion and stringent applicant screening for clients. With added value all round we ensure all involved get the best chance at a successful hire. 

The paperwork of recruiting a new member of the team isn’t hard at all but having the expertise to identify harmony and foster a great professional relationship between candidate, client and job opening is the craft of a good recruitment consultant. However, seeing this through to a filled position with longevity, satisfaction and a thriving employee is the craft of a great recruitment consultant. That's why now in these uncertain times you should consider using such a service, and funnily enough, we know exactly who to call!

Since 1980, we’ve been independently securing work and filling vacancies for our clients, which makes us the longest-established recruitment agency in North Wales. With our wealth of experience, we have fostered meaningful and trusted relationships with employers from almost every industry you can imagine and developed a reputation for being great at filling vacancies.

We find the right people for both public and private sector jobs, such as:
  • Commercial roles including office support, human resources, customer service, finance and accounting, sales and marketing and bilingual staff across all roles;
  • Social care, housing and health jobs including social work, support work and project roles;
  • Industrial jobs, such as driving and logistics, recycling and waste management, manufacturing, domestic and commercial cleaning and skilled trades;
  • Hospitality jobs, including chefs, front of house, bar and waiting on staff and kitchen porters;
  • Construction jobs, including labour and trades, professional and technical, mechanical and electrical.
Our sister brand, S2 Recruitment focuses on IT, engineering and executive positions over £30,000 per annum including interim appointments, senior management and board-level appointments.

We're here to help

This is a challenging time filled with uncertainty and anxiety but we have the capability, procedures, systems and technology to help. 

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