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1/11/2017 10:42:34 AM

Re-work your resolutions and make 2017 YOUR year

Though New Year's Day has passed and we’re well into mid January, it’s still a great idea to set yourself some objectives for the year ahead if you haven’t already. Don’t wait for another year to pass you by! Setting goals and telling others what those goals are is proven to make you 10 times more likely to succeed than those who don’t, so it’s worth setting one or two, whether they’re late or not!


Career related goals are some of the most popular resolutions to make in the New Year, however they can also prove to be the most difficult to uphold, so making sure that they are realistic is key to success.

Success is within your reach. Try these 5 variations of popular resolutions...

1. Get a raise or promotion Discuss getting a raise or promotion

A simple alteration can often make the biggest difference. Discussing your aspirations with your boss is easily achievable during your first month back at work. From this initial discussion you can outline a plan of attack and assess how likely it is that you will be able to achieve a promotion.


This meeting is vitally important so be prepared, know the needs of the company make your case and keep in mind that this is the first step on your way to success.

2. Be more organised Start organising - today!

Instead of deciding you will be more organised over the next year, make a start organising your work right now. Clear out your desk space, delete your junk emails, invest in a planner or better yet, a prompting online management tool (we love Asana), to create a blank slate for your organisational skills to develop.


Organisation is a positive habit and so starting to make small daily changes like clearing your inbox at the end of each day can make for a good way to destress as well as keeping on top of your new organisation prowess.

3. Quit job and find a new career  Speak to a recruitment consultant

If this is the year you want to switch things up and change jobs then go for it;

Decide what you want, make a contingency plan and before you do anything else - speak to the right people.


Recruiters know what industries are hiring and when, as well as exactly what skills and attributes employers are looking for. They are constantly adapting to new application processes and the ever changing requirements of employers, so can help finetune your CV and application, before the employer gets sight of it. Recruiters help people get exactly the type of job they want - and can negotiate a better deal with the employer.


So, whether it’s to advise you on which of your skills will appeal to a would-be employer, giving you a feel for the local labour market and hiring environment, speaking to a consultant will allow you to make an informed decision and eliminate any uncertainty when you make those first steps towards a more fulfilling career.

4. Improve work-life balance Get a hobby, be healthy

Making sure that work doesn’t cross over into your home life means setting (and sticking to) a schedule with realistic goals for the day, which will ensure that you get everything done and allow you to finish on time.


If you feel like you never switch off, or that life is passing you by whilst you’re trying to advance in the workplace then try committing to something completely non-work related. Getting a hobby, or attending informal classes to learn a new skill, volunteering or even getting a pet can be a great way to keep you occupied and often these activities can be done as a family.


Having down-time away from work is vitally important for your health. Enjoy both your work and home life to the best of your ability, by making sure everything you do fits around a good diet and some regular exercise.

5. Be more positive Create positive experiences

Being positive is a matter of thinking and can only change with positive experiences however positive action is entirely within your control. Commit to a few achievable goals, celebrate your successes - no matter how small. As you gain confidence you can push yourself out of your comfort zone.


Use your new-found confidence to your advantage, learn to make contingency plans whilst pursuing more optimistic paths. Optimism and positivity are valuable traits, as is lateral thinking. Both leave you better prepared for any eventuality and can be a big help to others.

Make 2017 YOUR year…


If you want to achieve something, don’t wait around, just go for it. Only 8% of people uphold their resolutions, so don’t be discouraged if things don’t quite go to plan! Take a more fluid approach to achieving your dreams. Many people find that their goals change and that resolutions need to be adjusted to capitalise on opportunities they’re presented with at the time.  


Remember, taking advantage of unexpected opportunities can be just as fulfilling as achieving your resolutions, so take each day as it comes and set small, easy to reach goals, without being afraid to pick up where you left off if you don’t reach them first time.


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