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7/20/2016 1:20:12 PM

SMEs feel the strain during summer holiday season

A recent study by Hitachi Capital Finance revealed that the school holidays are a time when many SMEs feel the strain due to a depleted workforce. This can have a detrimental effect on productivity and business performance.
Even employees who don’t book time off can quite often be out of the office more frequently, juggling childcare responsibilities with work. Your business can’t take a break or wind-down for summer and in certain sectors, particularly in North Wales, it is often the busiest time of year! You might have projects with deadlines that cannot be missed, or be expecting a huge influx of visitors to your hotel. If your employees’ annual leave overlaps, productivity can slow down significantly or projects may be rushed.

Whatever the circumstances, don’t compromise your business’ reputation and quality of work – hire a temporary worker to help.

Temporary workers can:
  • Alleviate stress and pressure from full-time employees during peak industry seasons as well as holiday seasons
  • Prevent rushed, poor quality work that can be the result of employee overload
  • Add additional skill sets and boost productivity in your workforce
  • Be helpful if you want to avoid the risk of a bad hire, or if you’re not sure if you want to grow your company just yet - you can essentially “try before you buy”.
If you think a temporary worker could help your business this summer, why not give Supertemps a call. We have a great selection of candidates registered with us, who are currently looking for temporary employment opportunities in the region. 

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