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What employers get wrong when hiring

29 June, 2015 Hiring the wrong person can cost a lot: decreased productivity, a higher rate of sick days and money spent on recruitment. Sadly, it’s all too common!

Six questions you shouldn't ask an applicant (and six you should)

29 June, 2015 If the recruitment process leaves you disheartened because you can’t find applicants with that ‘spark’ your interview technique might need refining.

Hiring your first employees as a small business

29 June, 2015 For small business owners hiring the first employee is a big step. Read our handy guide and learn what's involved in this exciting stage of business growth.

Graduates: why consider a career in IT?

29 June, 2015 IT offers significant employment opportunities and financial reward for graduates. It can be challenging but if you have the passion you'll never look back!

Temp Alison brings on the sunshine

29 June, 2015 Meet Colwyn Bay's Temp of the Month for May!

Top ten tips for networking like a pro

14 June, 2015 If you’re not a natural networker, or are looking to do it more effectively, here are our ten top tips to keep in mind when you attend your next event!

What is candidate experience?

14 June, 2015 A buzz phrase in recruitment at the moment is ’candidate experience’ but what exactly is it and what does it mean for jobseekers AND employers?

Wales must unite with business community to win, according to Welsh Secretary

08 June, 2015 Stephen Crabb, Welsh Secretary, has thrown down the gauntlet posed to rival political parties in order to rid Wales of tribalism, advocating a united front with the business community.

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