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3/10/2015 2:18:16 PM

REC/KPMG Jobs Report: February roundup

New data released this month reveals more than one in three temps now earn more than their permanent workmates.

The REC/KPMG Jobs Report for February was released last week, containing a wealth of sector information useful to both recruiters and employers. We’ve analysed the data to bring you the key points from the report:
  • In March 2014, the number of companies employing temps earning more than permanent workers stood at 19 per cent - ten months later and the figure has risen to 35 per cent;
  • 75 per cent of employers attribute the reason for utilising temporary workers to ‘short-term access to key strategic skills’. Nearly half of those surveyed admit they use agency workers to ‘contain costs’;
  • In March 2014, 58 per cent of employers reported ‘no change’ in their workforce, this figure now stands at 37 per cent (January 2015);
  • Employers claiming to have ‘no spare capacity’ has increased from 25 per cent in January 2014 to 35 per cent in January 2015;
  • 80 per cent of employers plan to recruit more permanent staff from April until the end of the year.
  • Between April and December 2015, almost 46 per cent of employers plan to hire more agency workers.

Short term outlook

70 per cent of employers state that they plan to hire permanent workers in the first three months of 2015. This is a significant increase on the 57 per cent who promised the same hiring strategy in the first quarter of 2014.

In terms of temporary recruitment, demand for all forms of labour is high. This may pose challenges for employers wishing to engage temporary or contract workers to counterbalance the skill shortages available for permanent hire.

37 per cent of hiring managers are seeking out more agency workers in the short term, whilst only 4 per cent intend to reduce the number.

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