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3/12/2018 12:43:09 PM

Businesses must be prepared for the April increase in minimum wage levels

The new National Minimum Wage/Living Wage rates come into effect next month, and Supertemps is urging employers to be ready for the changes.

The National Minimum Wage is the lowest wage per hour a worker is entitled to in the United Kingdom. The National Living Wage applies to workers aged 25 and over.

The changes look like this:
  • Age 25+:  Your current rate is £7.50, rising to £7.83 on 1 April
  • Aged 21-24: Your current rate is 7.05 rising to £7.38 on 1 April
  • Aged 18-20: Your current rate is £5.60, rising to £5.90 on 1 April
  • Aged below-18: Your current rate is £4.05, rising to £4.20 on 1 April
  • Apprentice: Your current rate is £3.50, rising to £3.70 on 1 April
Sarah Ellwood, Managing Director of the Colwyn Bay and Bangor-based group has encouraged clients to ensure they are compliant and up-to-speed with the new regulations.

“The changes have, of course, been welcomed in some areas and not others given they will impact on small businesses and raise the salaries of low paid workers," she said.

“We urge our clients to make sure they are fully aware of the correct rates and have them in place by April 1.

“It is imperative that employers do so as soon as possible to remain compliant and ensure that their staff are recompensed appropriately. There will be serious repercussions for those who fail to comply.”

“We’re urging our clients and candidates to get in touch if they are unsure of how these changes will affect them. We are, and will continue to, communicate widely over the coming days. The website is also a useful portal for more information.”

The shift will bring the 'biggest hike in hourly earnings for a decade', according to the Low Pay Commission (LPC).

The LPC, which advises the Government on the wage rates, said the update will directly boost the earnings of between 260,000 and 360,000 young workers, with many more benefiting.

LPC chair Bryan Sanderson said: “The LPC is pleased that the Government accepted our recommendations to increase the NMW rates for young people.  

“If economic conditions, particularly the labour market for younger workers, remain positive or improve then there will be grounds for further increases in NMW rates for younger workers in the future.”

For more on the wage changes and how it will impact you, visit the website here.

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