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What is SAFERjobs?

Amid growing concerns about recruitment scams - where fraudsters offer you a non-existent job opportunity in an effort to extort agency fees or transport and accommodation deposits out of you - SAFERjobs are one of the organisations working to protect jobseekers against such risks.


The threat might sound small, but would-be candidates who pay the first deposit will quickly find themselves asked to pay further fees to secure their supposed new job, and for those who are out of work, this can be extremely costly at a time when they might not have a large amount of spare cash, but still want to do everything they can to secure an employment opportunity.


SAFERjobs is short for Safe Advice For Employment and Recruitment, and unlike the scammers, it works on a non-profit basis in the interests solely of jobseekers and candidates who are otherwise at risk of falling victim to fraud.


It was created by the Metropolitan Police not only to combat the criminal actions of fraudsters, but also more generally to raise awareness about the existence of recruitment frauds and how to spot them, for example being told you must use a specific transport or accommodation provider when travelling to an interview.


SAFERjobs also collaborates with the government via several GOV UK organisations to make sure its protection reaches all jobseekers and individuals involved with the recruitment sector.


If recruitment fraud sounds like a relatively new risk, it's actually been around for many years, and with the onset of the recession and an increase in the number of people out of work and looking for a quick placement into a new role, this saw more people put at risk of falling victim to it.


SAFERjobs was launched in November 2008 at the very start of the recession, and works to protect candidates and employers alike against the threat of crimes committed against them during the recruitment process.


This is achieved by offering best practice advice based on real-world experience of recruitment and of recruitment fraud itself; and by sharing intelligence gathered via numerous forums and the SAFERjobs website on new emerging frauds and criminal activities.


SAFERjobs continues to work with the Metropolitan Police, as well as the Home Office, Action Fraud, Citizens Advice, Crimestoppers, Trading Standards, the City of London Police, and the government's departments for business and for work and pensions.


The organisation also collaborates with businesses in the recruitment industry, including Supertemps, and we would urge all candidates to be aware of the risks of recruitment fraud when applying via less legitimate or reputable recruitment agencies, or responding to individual job adverts placed online or in the back of the newspaper.


In many ways it is still possible to place a job ad and reach a prospective candidate without any real policing of your activities at all, and where a candidate responds who is less aware of recruitment fraud, this can quickly lead to losses.


By working with SAFERjobs, Supertemps help to share insight and expertise to keep recruitment fraud out of the industry as much as possible, and to give candidates and recruiters more peace of mind when individuals are placed into their dream role.


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