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11/20/2019 10:16:54 AM

The five Superheroes every business leader needs

As the age-old phrase says “you are judged by the company you keep”.  This usually applies to friendship circles and relationships, but it’s also true in business.  And for senior leaders and managers, the saying is more important than ever.

Bosses need to not only look at the CVs of candidates and weigh-up their attitude during the interview process, but also determine which current co-workers will provide the most value to their inner circle.
If we are surrounded by people with ambition and the drive to make a success of themselves, then we are more likely to do amazing things.

So how do you go about recruiting your closest allies, or ‘brains trust’? Here are five traits and roles you should identify:
A confidante: As the leader of the company you maintain a balanced exterior, which is not easy, so it’s important to have an emotional outlet, whether that’s a close friend or one of your longest-serving members of staff.
A HR expert: Essential to guide on matters of corporate policy and give advice on protocol and issues relating to the workforce.
A competitive colleague: Someone with ambition to push you on to do even better, a friendly rival with drive and ambition.
A Tactician: Delegation is key to leadership and having a fresh set of eyes looking at the world outside is crucial, so you are aware of advances in technology and market changes. A realist, a strategist, a long-term thinker.
The feisty PA or receptionist: When you are trying to make the big decisions it’s important you don’t sweat the ‘small stuff’ and get bogged down in administrative duties, wasting time on miniscule issues rather than the wider picture. Someone you can rely on to provide a diplomatic obstacle between you and chaos when you’re especially busy.
Who are the five in your organisation? They are more pivotal to the future than you may think.
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