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10/20/2016 11:02:01 AM

Jodie Shortlisted for IRP Awards!

Jodie joined the Superteam in January this year as a trainee recruitment consultant and despite having no previous experience in the industry has become a valuable member of the Supertemps team.


Successfully completing her Cert RP and with our company values at the heart of all her work at Supertemps she has truly made her mark in the company.


So it comes as no surprise to us that Jodie was shortlisted for this years Newcomer of the Year Award by the IRP (Institute of Recruitment Professionals).

Jodie IRP.jpg

Jodie has made an impressive impact on the business, streamlining our service and making placements straight away.


Consistently working in people's best interest and with the utmost consideration shown in her work, the whole team appreciate how hard she works.  


It is much more than just facts and figures that illustrate how much Jodie has benefitted the company; she has made a massive impact on the team dynamic, is delightful to work with but remains incredibly humble.


Here are a few words from Jodie herself:


“I’m not really sure what to say.

I can say however that I was so surprised at even being nominated let alone being shortlisted!


I’m also overwhelmed at the testimonials I’ve received from both clients and candidates especially as I’m completely new to recruitment.


I really didn’t think I had made that much of an impact to people’s working lives until seeing people’s response, but this has given me a huge boost to continue to help the people I do and make more people feel the same way too!  


I do have to say a big thank you to the Superteam I work with especially Michele in having the confidence in taking me on in the first place. I really wouldn’t be where I am now without a fab team behind me.


All I can say now is role on the Awards Ceremony!”


As Jodie said the feedback we receive for Jodie and for all our consultants is breathtaking.


Getting to know our clients and our candidates continues to be a highlight and we love hearing how we have been able to make an impact on their lives.

Here are just a snippet of some of the things you had to say hearing that Jodie was nominated:

IMG_20160610_163312.JPGI always love hearing from Jodie she has a great attitude and always made me feel that my needs and requirements were a priority.

~Julie Chappell


I would love to praise Jodie for her amazing help in finding me a suitable post in just two weeks! I am very thankful for all her efforts in gaining myself a very satisfying role.

~Terri Jayne Travis


I could not thank her enough for helping make a bad situation infinitely better.

~Jonathan Beer


The difference in the team dynamic and the branch’s overall performance since Jodie came on board is unbelievable.

~Edith Bryan


I really hope that she is given this award as I can think of no one that could be more deserving.

~Rob Holmes

Knowing that our candidates (and clients!) are taking time out of their day to give us thank you cards, send us boxes of chocolates or even just a quick email to let us know how they are getting on, makes our job that much more special. We always love hearing from everyone!


Winners for the IRP Awards will be announced on 7th December and we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that Jodie brings home the gold.



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