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9/20/2015 9:13:13 PM

Five tips to avoid hiring the wrong person

Did you know that hiring the wrong person could cost you an incredible £30,000? That includes time invested in making the hire and then getting them up to speed. The wrong hire costs both time and money that your business could be spending elsewhere.

If you are an employer, arm yourself against hiring the wrong person with these five useful tips.

Make sure they fit the job description

It can be tempting to take on somebody who shows talent, but there’s a strong chance it will cost you in the future. Be clear of your requirements in the description and stick to them - be specific; if you want to attract ideal candidates, you must get the job spec right from the beginning. Never hire somebody because you ‘think’ they will eventually fit into your company.

Test their skills

Those comfortable in their ability will be happy to demonstrate their skills, so where possible ask people to complete a trial task consisting of the type of work they’d be expected to do in the role. This works particularly well for technical positions and will give you a much clearer idea of who to hire.

Conduct more than one interview

Phone interviews are a great way to start the interview process. They allow you to check that candidates meet the necessary requirements outlined in the job description and will save you time meeting face-to-face with unsuitable candidates. Review each candidate’s application and prepare a list of questions prior to interview. If you’re still not sure after a second interview, introduce potential hires to your team, to see if they would fit into the company culture.

Question their research

Great candidates will have researched your business beforehand, whether they've visited your website or followed your social media accounts. Ask questions at interview to find out if they have (a) done this and (b) fully understand what your business is about.

Always get references

You can find out a lot from a candidate’s references so always follow up on them. If their previous company refuses to give one, that’s obviously not a good sign. References can reveal a lot about whether a person would be a good cultural fit within your company, as well as making sure they have the necessary skills and experience for the role.  

By implementing these tips when hiring a new employee, you are more likely to avoid hiring the wrong person in the future. Save yourself £30,000 and let Supertemps find the right talent for your business.

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