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9/19/2017 2:43:59 PM

Supertemps success for Charity's national recruitment campaign

ONE of the UK’s leading charities joined forces with a top North Wales recruitment agency to spearhead a national jobs campaign.

Blind Veterans UK enlisted the help of Colwyn Bay firm Supertemps when rolling out a new system of care.
The business had to recruit more than 60 personnel to cover a range of positions, from team leaders to community support workers and ROVIs (Rehabilitation of the Visually Impaired).

Successful staff are now covering 19 communities of the UK, providing blind veterans with the care and in-house support they need rather than being left with no option than to travel long distances from their homes to one of three rehabilitation centres across England, Scotland and Wales.

After handling more than 3,500 requests and screening 1,500 applications, the two organisations worked closely together to interview 465 people and fill 61 roles.

Supertemps’ newly-unveiled executive brand, S2 Recruitment – targeting candidates seeking IT and senior management vacancies with salaries £30,000 and above – was also instrumental in bringing the contract to fruition.

Managing Director Sarah Ellwood said the partnership with Blind Veterans UK is one the entire team is immensely proud of:  “It’s been an honour for us to work alongside Blind Veterans UK, not just because this is such a vital and significant campaign but because we are invested personally in ensuring these ex-servicemen and women receive the best possible care and rehabilitation,” said Sarah.

“We have worked alongside them since 2010, but this is the first nationwide project we’ve had together so to deliver on time and in budget – while attracting top-class candidates to the roles advertised – was a big bonus for us.”  She added: “To be a North Wales company leading a UK-wide appeal of this magnitude is a real coup, and we are proud to have been the team to do that."

“The work ranged from advertising on jobs boards to tailoring application forms, interview, pre-screening and online testing. We also had to find people with the specific skills needed to succeed with the organisation and support the new strategy." 

“We love working with them – they call us their SuperTeds – and hope to join forces on more campaigns when the opportunity arises.” she added

Sarah attended the Blind Veterans’ annual garden party in Brighton and paid regular visits to the BVUK London base earlier this summer; that personal touch is what most impressed Sue Davies, the charity’s Director of People Services, “Working with Supertemps was like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen for years,” she said.  “We picked up right where we left off the previous time they collaborated with us on a big project. They heeded our call for help, were responsive to our needs and happy to agree to very stretching – verging on impossible - deadlines with grace and enthusiasm.  That included a jobs fair we organised when more than 3,000 people turned up despite us only expecting 400 on the day, but we pulled it off together!”

Sue added: “We needed to transform our operating model with around 45 individuals from a welfare’ service to an operational delivery service.  “This involved putting them through a redeployment process at the same time as going through a recruitment process to fill a total of 60 jobs. It’s worked very well and we were able to stand up a whole new service ready to support our members in the community on time and on budget."

“It really has been a joy for us to unite with Supertemps again and to see them grow and flourish as time has elapsed. They are a real jewel in the crown for North Wales and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

For more information, call 01492 517602 or visit the website:

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