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Employers should act quickly in a candidate-driven jobs market

Companies that delay on deciding whether to recruit a temporary member of staff are missing out on the top talent because of the increased demand for skilled workers.

Sarah Ellwood, Managing Director of award-winning Colwyn Bay firm Supertemps, says employers must take the initiative as the best people are likely to be inundated with alternative offers.

“The message we are giving to our clients is that they must move quicker when making that hiring decision, or the candidates will get snapped up elsewhere,” she said.

“The industry changes year on year, and at the moment due to that demand for skilled workers it is very much a candidate-driven market.

“Investment we have made – including a new website aimed at executive and IT roles, and a growing construction division – mean we are well placed to deliver from our side.

“However, we need clients to be motivated to get in quick so they don’t miss out on the best talent for their business.”

Supertemps employs 16 workers at its Colwyn Bay headquarters and Bangor branch, and is looking to expand further in 2018.

Sarah is focused on improving candidate-client relations over the coming year, as feedback in the sector points to a need for shorter timescales, more online engagement and clear deadlines, all improvements that she and the team have implemented.

“There is a need for employers to be more decisive, and to install set deadlines so that candidates know exactly where they are and when they will hear about a vacancy,” she added.

“We are at a point in the industry that candidates are interviewing the employers now, and not just the other way around, because it is so competitive out there.

“It’s a two way street so first impressions are everything when trying to secure the best person for your organisation.”

A report by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation reinforced those views, with a survey of more than 600 members revealing bosses expect a challenging year and confirming the market is now “candidate-led” due to demand and the huge shortfall of skilled, IT, social care and executive staff.

“It is tough out there, but we are well-placed to deal with the conditions,” said Sarah.

This article also appears on the Business News Wales website.

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