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Why go, when you can stay? Reasons North Wales makes a great career choice

We’ve all had holidays we wished would never end, and if you’re normally a city dweller, the peace and tranquility of North Wales is likely to be a major attraction for you.

But it’s not as remote as you might think, with good transport links to the big cities of the north and west – including Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham – and routes from Bangor into London within around three hours.

With an excellent quality of life and a lower overall cost of living, it’s a best of both worlds solution – but you might not think there are likely to be many high-level jobs to choose from in the region.

In fact, you’d be wrong. Not only are there plenty of top-flight vacancies throughout North Wales, but due to the less dense population, you’re likely to find the competition for the job you really want to be substantially less fierce.

A Year of Growth

Sian Williams, Business Manager for Supertemps, was invited recently to present at Pontio Bangor, the Arts and Innovation Centre at Bangor University, as part of the Byw a Bod language and culture project.

Her presentation spotlighted the rapid growth experienced in North Wales, with figures spiralling in even the past 12 months – the fruits of several years’ labour in terms of building new opportunities for top-level employment in the area.

She said: “This region is lucky to be home to a range of passionate and determined business communities, giving a powerful voice to local employers, employees and specialist industry sectors.”

Among the results seen in the past 12 months, temporary specialist placements are up 40%, digital and IT placements are up 133% and the average salary of roles now stands at £26,000 – with many paying much more than this amount.

“We should shout about the great opportunities and lifestyle we have here in North Wales to attract specialist skills in the region,” Sian added.

A Changing World

Part of the reason behind this trend is the increase in digital working and the so-called Gig Economy.

The idea is simple: more people are able to live and work where they want, by getting temporary highly-specialist work via the internet or through modern-day recruitment agencies like Supertemps.

Figures from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) show 91% of employers have recruited temporary staff through an agency in order to access key strategic skills they did not have in-house.

If you feel trapped in a 9 to 5 city job and want a change of scenery, as well as a fresh professional challenge, speak to us about the new opportunities that are becoming available in North Wales.

Supertemps has IT and executive jobs waiting to be filled today, including:

  • IT roles (all levels)
  • Interim appointments for finance, projects or operations management
  • Senior management positions
  • Engineering and technical
  • Executive and board-level

To find out more about how we can help you find the job of your dreams, in the location of your dreams, contact us today.

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