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Great employers attract great talent: the importance of your brand for recruitment

In the modern-day recruitment environment, we often speak about it as more of a candidate’s market – the internet has made vacancies easier to find and company background easier to research, while the top talent out there now know they can hold out for better if a job spec doesn’t suit them.

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is about making the most of everything you have to offer, not only in terms of the immediate vacancy itself, but also any related benefits from a positive company culture, to a fair work-life balance, and long-term prospects for personal growth and progression.

Talent attraction is the first step along this road, but remember that retention matters too, and if you are able to recruit some highly talented individuals who are happy in their jobs, then you should find more will follow them into your workforce as the positive word spreads.

Early investment into being a sought-after employer will reap dividends in the long run – just make sure you continue to offer your employees a great place to work, and your interview days should remain oversubscribed for a long time to come.

Create a brand that people want to work for

Here are five of our top tips for talent attraction, from reaching the right candidates, to ensuring their CV and cover letter drop into your inbox:

1. Spread the word – The people best suited to share how good of an employer you are already work for you, so make sure your current workforce are engaged with the recruitment process and with sharing positive sentiment about their job via social media channels without fear of reprisal.

2. Offer more – Some candidates don’t just want a job, they want a career, so make sure your website has a complete careers section, with general information about training, progression and so on. Include a reference to this in all job advertisements – don’t expect candidates to find it if they’re not sure they’re interested.

3. Awards and accreditations – It’s good to win awards, but for recruitment it’s great if you have any accolades specific to how good you are as an employer. If you have won any such titles, or ranked highly in a Top 100, make a big deal of this in your recruitment marketing materials.

4. Be a content-maker – Job ads tend to consist mainly (or solely) of test, but your recruitment marketing can incorporate photos and videos too, giving you a more visible presence on social networks and making your vacancy listings more engaging for potential candidates to share.

5. Own your niche – Like any other brand marketing, if you can fill your space in the market, you can become the default option for candidates just as a retail brand does for consumers – and being the first-choice employer naturally leads to recruiting and retaining the best talent.

Parting thoughts

While you are providing the vacancy and the opportunity, ultimately many candidates want to feel that they are in control of their own career. By making them aware of flexible working opportunities, chances for career progression and any out-of-hours social schemes, you can make sure your applicants are engaged from the get-go.

By being the best employer you can be, you put out a positive message, giving you the strongest possible platform for your recruitment marketing activities the next time you are hiring.

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