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Recruitment – Using an agency vs doing it yourself. Let’s debunk the myths

This may be a competitive industry which is seen as money-driven and cynical, but that’s far from the case when it comes to Supertemps.

Some companies think agencies are too expensive and believe they can advertise and conduct the entire process themselves for a fraction of the cost, from application to hiring.

But in most cases the weeks or months taken to pursue and persuade the candidate, organise interviews, put together a shortlist and carry out other administrative and resource-sapping services mean the client is out of pocket, wasting valuable energy and time.

We spoke to firms who managed their own recruitment and made use of online advertising portals; they found the whole ordeal frustrating, stressful and much less cost effective in the long run.

Here’s how it could pan out for you:

Writing the job spec/job advert – Where do you start? How are you going to attract the right applicants?  What keywords do you use? What salary range? How are you going to ensure you don’t rule prospective suitable applicants out too early? Is your advert even legal?

Costs – The average cost of an online posting is £500-£600, while press advertising costs vary. Where is the best place to publicise the role, and who are your target audience? Once you’ve chosen you pay an upfront fee and hope the applications come rolling in. If they don’t? Then you go through the same process again.

Screening – If that does work you have 100 applications, all of whom will have read your job spec and only applied if suitable. Won’t they? Probably not is the honest answer, which leaves you to sift through dozens of forms containing information you may not have asked for. Will you phone them and fill in the blanks or rule them out and risk losing good applicants in an already candidate-short marketplace?  Choices, choices.

If you do follow this route and make it to the interview shortlist then it’s time to book interviews. Where will you hold them (we offer our facilities to all clients) and will they all turn up. Have you told all of the unsuccessful applicants or are you going to damage your employer brand by not bothering to respond? More choices.

Interview day – Venue secured. Five interviews booked.  Two no shows, one half an hour late as the dog was sick and the final two arrive on time but now have to wait due to poorly dog candidate.  Wasted half the room hire fee and twiddled your thumbs during the no-shows but not to worry, let’s roll with the punches. It’s not like you go through this recruitment process often is it?

But you have three strong candidates, don’t you? Number one can’t work Mondays.  Forgot to mention that on the application and had anticipated that all employers can now be more flexible and accommodating.  Another one bites the dust.  Numbers two and three are suitable so you decide to go ahead and pick one.

Appointment – Applicant one accepts, and you decline number two. You set the start date, take up references (another late night to get this admin done) and check ‘right to work’ documents.  All sorted.

Start day and your new employee’s workspace is pristine, induction is written and the team are ready and waiting to receive them. It’s in the bag, isn’t it?

Scenario 1:  You check your emails only to find one sent late last night.  Their current employer did an eleventh hour counter-offer. Your new employee accepted and declines your offer.

Scenario 2:  They start as planned but it quickly becomes clear that much of their previous experience was imaginary. They don’t have the skills/experience for your role and are entirely unsuitable.

Hundreds of pounds and hours later, with nothing but a few more grey hairs (and extra pounds from the late-night overtime pizzas) to show for it you consider how to go forward:

Choice 1:  Do it all again with the upfront time and money costs, whilst trying to manage your day job and with and no guarantee of having the right person in the role at the end of it.

Choice 2:  Work with Supertemps, where you won’t be charged until a suitable and successful applicant is in the workplace taking the load off you and enabling you to get back to what you should be doing.

Put yourself in safe hands. If you’d like to find out how we can help you find your next perfect recruit call 01492 517 602 / 01248 671 477.

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