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4 technologies all tech job seekers should master

Change in tech is round-the-clock. It’s absolutely essential to develop your skill set and be up-to-date with the latest technologies, software and programmes if you want to a rewarding career.

You can’t afford to fall behind in an industry as fast-paced as tech – but fast-paced needn’t be a bad thing. If you keep on top of your professional development, just imagine the long list of skills you’ll be able to offer employers 10 or 20 years down the line. Yep, you’ll be taking the tech world by storm!

So to keep ahead of the game and make sure you hone the skills which will help land you the perfect job now and in the future, here are the 4 skills that every tech job seeker should master:

1. DevOps

When companies implement DevOps practise, they get more done – it’s simple! DevOps can help teams deliver with maximum speed, innovation and functionality.

DevOps helps companies build stronger bridges between Operations and Development, which makes it a critical skill for any system admin who wishes to develop their career and spend more time coding.

Plus, more and more companies are seeking out Software Engineers who have DevOps as part of their skillset. So whether you’re a Sys Admin or a Software Engineer, being able to list DevOps on your CV will do wonders for your job search.

2. Java and Python

Want to make a tech employer drool? Okay, maybe not literally, but knowing Java and Python will definitely impress them. Java and Python are constantly updated, which means they’re perfect for companies who want to use current technologies.

Java can handle massive amounts of data. There’s no surprise it’s so popular, given the huge surge in data across pretty much every industry. While it may not be trendy as newer languages, it’s often much more useful.

Python is flexible, great for beginners, and is used by some of the top tech companies in the world including Google and Dropbox. Plus, it’s a key language in AI and machine learning (we’ll talk about this more in a sec) – which is currently a huge focus and will most likely continue to be for some time.

Lastly, Java and Python work well for companies using cloud-based technologies – and need we say more? Cloud tech is the direction that everyone is going in these days!

3. Mobile Applications

Mobile technology has become an everyday part of our lives. Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a smartphone? Therefore, it’s obvious why the demand for mobile applications developers is growing – most companies can’t survive without a mobile-friendly online presence.

If you’ve got the skills to create, develop, and maintain mobile applications, you’re basically a winner in the tech job market. Make sure you’re up to date with Swift in particular, as many companies are looking for a faster and more dynamic solution than Objective-C.

4. AI/Machine Learning

It’s no secret that AI (artificial intelligence) is a rapidly growing technological trend – so talent in this field is in particularly high demand. 2.3 million jobs are expected to be created by 2020 whilst eliminating 1.8 in its tracks!

As AI and Machine Learning become more advanced, they’re becoming one of a business’s most important tools. These skills allow them to generate new customers, analyze data, and help generate concrete data which can predict consumer needs.

If you can learn AI/Machine Learning to a good standard and pop it on your CV, you’ll be a hot commodity in the tech job market for years and years.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate looking for your first step on the career ladder or you’re looking for a fresh start in the tech industry, we’re confident getting to grips with these 4 key tech skills will help you ‘wow’ potential employers.

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