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Graduation success for Supertemps Recruiters

It’s graduation celebrations here in the office as we celebrate the achievement of two remarkable members of the Superteam!

Congratulations to Jodie Vaughan and Stephanie Yau-Jones on graduating from ION Leadership’s ILM Level 3 program!

Steph and Jodie graduation

Their commitment, hard work, and determination have paid off as they completed the programme, showcasing their dedication to personal growth. The ILM Level 3 programme equips individuals with essential leadership skills and enhances strategic thinking, making their achievement even more commendable.

Jodie and Stephanie exemplified professionalism, enthusiasm, and a thirst for knowledge throughout the programme. Their insightful contributions and willingness to learn from peers were truly inspiring. Their success reflects the Supertemps values of continuous learning and fostering a culture of excellence.

We celebrate their graduation and wish them continued success as they apply their leadership skills to drive positive change within our organisation.

Let’s congratulate them both on this exceptional accomplishment!

Click here to see more photos of Steph and Jodie’s graduation ceremony.

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