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Supertemps achieves remarkable 96% in REC Compliance Test

In a display of professionalism and dedication, North Wales’ leading recruiter,  Supertemps, has achieved an impressive 96% score in the recent compliance test conducted by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). This outstanding accomplishment demonstrates the Company’s commitment to upholding industry legislation and ethical standards, strengthening their position as a trusted recruitment partner in the region.

The REC compliance test is a mandatory assessment for all REC Corporate members, ensuring that recruitment agencies have an in-depth understanding of relevant industry legislation and are dedicated to adhering to the REC Code of Professional Practice. Under the leadership of Managing Director Sarah Ellwood, Supertemps has not only met but surpassed the rigorous standards set by the confederation.

Pride in team effort

Sarah expressed her pride and appreciation for the hard work and dedication exhibited by the entire team, stating, “Achieving such a high score in the compliance test is a testament to the collective effort and expertise of our staff. We remain committed to providing exceptional services while adhering to the highest ethical principles.”

By excelling in the REC compliance test, Supertemps showcases its ability to navigate the complex landscape of industry regulations, ensuring that clients and candidates receive services of the utmost quality and professionalism. Businesses seeking recruitment solutions can trust Supertemps to deliver exceptional results, backed by a thorough understanding of relevant legislation and ethical practices.

Recruitment agency of choice

As a result of their outstanding performance, Supertemps continues to be the recruitment agency of choice for countless companies and job seekers across Wales UK. Sarah Ellwood’s leadership and the team’s commitment to excellence have established Supertemps as a reliable and respected player in the recruitment industry.

Moving forward, Supertemps reaffirms its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of practice and ethical conduct. Clients and candidates can rest assured that their partnership with Supertemps is built on integrity, competence, and a firm commitment to upholding industry regulations.

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